Light is the phenomenon by which the world is made visible. It is the luminous quality of the colored glass that attracted me to stained glass as a medium in art. I am also drawn to, and I am part of a tradition of art in light passed from master to apprentice since the ninth century. My aspiration as an artist is to maintain and contribute to this tradition of stained glass.
The glass I choose to work with is, more often, mouth blown “antique glass”. My methods in craft and painting technique are as I was disciplined by my mentors, but with a lighthearted style uniquely my own.
I find interest in whatever I am tasked to do as a freelance designer and painter. Self autonomously I have been interested in symbolism and graphic interpretations. Currently, I have elaborated on those interests with more expressive color and painting. I am fascinated and challenged every day by this noble tradition in art, and it’s embrace of light.
I am an independent Stained Glass Artist, though; I primarily do Freelance Design and Painting for Stained Glass Studios throughout the U.S., and I am also an Artist Assistant for other exceptional Artists.
Additionally, I am the Director, Producer, and Writer for Vidreaux Productions, which produces educational digital video discs and books for the Stained Glass profession.